Springbank 10 Years ‘Local Barley’ (2022) 51.6% ABV

The 2022 release (which was actually bottled on December 14, 2021) is a ten-year-old expression made from Glencraigs farm’s Belgravia barley.
The barley is malted on the distillery’s own malt floors using traditional production techniques before being transformed into spirit, aged into whiskey, and bottled on-site, resulting in a 100% Campbeltown Single Malt.
This year, it was aged in ex-bourbon barrels.

Appearance: Light gold/apple juice, reminds me of corn fields. Oozy thick film clings to the inside of the glass when swirled, with lots of very quick forming thick legs. Some teardrops and a swirl mark consisting of many viscous beads.

Nose: The ABV leads the show with a hefty waft filling the nostrils. Honey, sponge cake, fermenting orchard and dark fruit funk and custard. The ABV doesn’t dissipate and is ever-present, which I like. There are wood and bourbon notes emerging through the ethanol soaked fruit aromas now, it’s evolving nicely.

Palate: A lovely mouthfeel and that ABV wave hit the chest with a warming hug. Buttery vanilla ice cream smothered with sharp raspberry reduction.
There’s also an ever-so-slightly dry element, along with distant coastal flavours, subtle smoke and lime Starburst sweets.

Finish: Medium to long in length. The sharp fruits and subtle smokey seaside flavours longer for a time but there are some tingly spice notes that appear late in the day and succeed all else.

Overall: I really enjoyed the nose. The ABV was bang on and the funky edge was pleasing. The sharp fruits and coastal notes on the palate are very welcome.
This dram really evolved well and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It’s bang on my type of whisky. The problem is that I’m not in love with it enough to pay the secondary prices (and for the price being paid for a bottle currently, I’m not sure there is a whisky that exists that I’d pay that much for!) which are the only way of getting hold of a bottle after the first 4 minutes of release.

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