Guest Tasting: SPRINGBANK 12 YEARS OLD 2019 57.1% ABV


The following notes have kindly been uploaded by Anthony Peacock. You can follow him, on Twitter, using the button at the bottom of the post!

Type of whisk(e)y – Whisky (scotch)

Whisk(e)y age – Newly opened.

Appearance – This whiskey is golden in appearance and once swirled around the glass a few times, leaves short clusters of oily legs.

Nose – When smelt this whisky hits with a strong cocktail of intensity and complexity. It then threw in strong notes of oak-smokiness and roasted almonds, the smells you would experience whilst around an open campfire.

Palate – Bursting with flavours this whisky gave spicy and salty notes. Namely pepper and paprika?

Finish – Whilst sharp on the tip of the tongue, Springbanks 57.1 ABV quickly went smooth and velvety upon exit. For its short taste experience It was well rounded, complex yet subtle.

Overall thoughts – I rate this whisky a solid 9/10. I would definitely purchase again and would recommend to others. Perfect on autumn and winter evenings… however isn’t everyday a perfect whisky day?

Many thanks to Anthony @antpeacock1994 for submitting his tasting notes.

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