Springbank Handfill Distillery Exclusive 59.4% ABV

Springbank distillery exclusive

Obtained from this year’s Campbeltown Malts Festival. Nothing is known with regards to the maturation or age of this bottling.

Appearance: Very light, pale white wine. A thin film and lots of thin legs, like many cracks in the glass. A number of teardrops appear after a time.

Nose: Buttery pastry, green apple skin and a malty element too. Very reminiscent of corn fields on a dinners afternoon. Lovely and mellow and warm.
A nice funk supports the more prominent flavours but, after a while, starts to come to the front. It’s kind of like the milk at the end of a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes, infused with the honey, nutty maltiness, bit with the milky quality too.
There are some baking spices in there too, but not in any great quantity. It’s a very nicely balanced nose.

Palate: Lovely buttery mouthfeel and initial flavour, along with some black pepper, cumin and sweet cinnamon. There’s also a slight ‘tang’ like you get in sourdough bread.
Stewed orchard fruit pie with cream, with a sprinkling of cracked black pepper.
Like the nose, the balance of the palate is spot on in my opinion. It’s got the buttery mellow pie-like arrival, the gradual build of the pepper heat and the sweetness of the fruits. Lovely.

Finish: The spicier part of the dram. Medium to long. Slight eucalyptus and the green apple. Some white chocolate too.

Overall: I really like this one. It had a bit of everything, all well-married and balanced. Very nice indeed!

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