Stauning Mead & Wine Cask (Summerton Whisky Club) 53% ABV

stauning mead and wine

Thirteen casks have been brought together to produce this expression, all smoked barley using heather, peat, or a mix of both. These casks include new American Oak, ex-Bourbon, Rivesaltes and Moscatel wine casks.

Appearance: A lovely dark caramel-like auburn. An oozy and chaotic tide mark forms initially, which then morphs into many thick trails and teardrops. The film around the glass isn’t overly viscous but is sticky in appearance.

Nose: Orange peel, cinnamon, forest fruits and cola cubes rise from the glass first. Then a smouldering cherry wood aroma, some faint blueberry BBQ sauce, brown sugar and plasticine/rubber/tarmac. As the dram matures the aromas become slightly more vegetal and furniture polish-tinged.

Palate: A pleasingly smooth mouthfeel. More vegetal on the palate straight away. That plastacine element is also more prominent than it was on the nose. A nice spice level, adding warmth to the chest and a subtle tingle in the mouth. Cinnamon, faint aniseed and a little black pepper. After a few sips, some welcomed sugared fruit sweetness appears, similar to overly sweet tea. Some honey-drizzled smoked red berries, buttered muffins and a little burnt toast also swirl around. All the flavour notes are well-balanced and complimentary, the dram also develops well, with plenty to explore.

Finish: Medium in length. The black pepper, plastacine and those sweet smoked red berries all linger for a decent length of time. The vegetal note is ever-present too.

Overall: Quite a unique flavour profile, I’m not in love with it, but I do appreciate the individuality and changing flavours as you progress through the dram.

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