Stauning Rye 48% ABV.

stauning rye

A liquid interpretation of freshly baked Danish rye bread. A Nordic rye whisky with dark and roasted aromas and a long fruity aftertaste.

This is a different kind of rye whisky. The combination of malted rye and barley and pot still distillation makes this a smooth, fruity and full-bodied whisky.

Stauning Whisky


A lovely dark gold/ lightly oxidised copper in colour, with a thick swirl line on my copita. It costs the glass with a film initially, followed by swift thin legs.


The rye is straight in my face when raising the glass, aromatic wood sits behind it, and I’m getting juice from a jar of cocktail cherries too. 

I’m getting plenty of aromas with this whisky. Damp leaf litter, dunnage, along with a dustiness, then more fruit, raspberries, marmalade, and wood varnish too. Black pepper, blood oranges, old style glazing putty and something akin to lemonade finish the biggest of aromas I’m getting.


Here we go, the moment of truth. The mouthfeel is rather good, and, and, and lots of spices as expected from the grain type.  Black peppercorns start this off for me, followed by ginger and cinnamon, nutmeg, it’s also got some floral notes. 

More time and tobacco leaves come through, with cough candy, vanilla, pontefract cakes, mince pie filling, and a touch of salinity sitting on the periphery.  Royal icing eventually comes through on the palate, and as a complete opposite I’m getting chilli’s, and lots of orange zest with dried apricot slices. 


Finish is long side of medium for me, with aniseed, red apple skin, hot gobstopper cinnamon, dark chocolate, and I’m thinking cask char with coffee beans.

My thoughts

Iv’e waiting a good while to get to try this Danish Rye whisky, fashionably, or not, late to the party. I remember there being hushed murmurs on Twitter, where i mainly spend my time online, so i had to try this for myself and see what the fuss is or isn’t about.

I must admit that i’m intrigued by all grains, and have tasted Rye whisk(e)y’s before, some iv’e found run a little hot, but this one was just right, the Rye didn’t dominate, leaving space for other flavours to easily come through too. I know i could have taken more time with this whisky, there is more in it, but i wanted to get the bulk of its aromas and flavours.

Yes i really enjoyed it, i think it’s a lovely example of Rye whisky, it comes in at around £60, and i’d very happily have on in my whisky cupboard.

A big thank you goes out to my Twitter whisky friend Phil – @ingo74 for the generous sample, plz do follow him using the button below.

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