Talisker 89 10yr old 59.3 (blind Tasted).

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blind tasting consortium 18
Blind Tasting Consortium

Tasted during the Blind Tasting Consortium’s 18th session on 5-2-22, in which Damian – @newdramrising picked the bottles.


Mid gold in colour here, with a medium to thick swirl line with slow thick legs and teardrops.


Oooosh, that’s fizzy up the nostrils, and evergreen boughs, cherry throat lozenges, slightly cooked bacon, possibly very low ppm peat? There’s a touch of germoline too.


Super syrupy mouthfeel, so oily, with gentle smoke, cola cubes, cask char, mocha, blackcurrants, cocoa, cigar leaves, liquorice torpedo sweets. Dates, figs, fruit cocktail juice from the can, molasses, and brown sugar are all in here.

The peat I got on the nose isn’t coming through the wall of awesome other flavours for me, it stays more of a gentle smoke.


Quite long, really chest warming, if this is ex Sherry there’s no sulphur, and I think this could be the most aged dram tonight. Cough candy, aniseed, black coffee, liquorice allsorts, pontefract cakes, sooo nice.

My thoughts

I will admit to finding something positive in most whiskies i taste, and sometimes negative things. I can’t say i come across what i consider to be a “WOW” whisky too often. I’m definitely not a Talisker whisky fanboy, but don’t get me wrong i like their whisky, but there’s so much choice out there at the moment. However this Talisker for me is a “WOW” whisky, i gave it 5 out of 5. Even blind tasting it i had a broad smile on my face, only done when a whisky hits that sweet spot.

The general consensus on the evening was that this is a good dram, and i think Damian spoilt the lot of us to be honest. I know it’s only early February right now, but this could be one of my favourite drams tasted this year.

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