Tasting schedule

Flight of Scottish whisky, tasting glasses with variety of singl

Below is our current whiskey tasting schedule. This is subject to change but all tastings are currently conducted on Twitter unless otherwise stated.

If you are a distillery rep and would like us to run a Twitter tasting then let us know. We have no affiliations and are completely impartial and fair in our tastings.
We’ve conducted Twitter tastings with many distilleries including Dingle, Mackmyra, Teeling, Bains, Lagg (Arran), Currach, Cotswolds, Bimber, Lakes and more.

“Many thanks to @thewhiskeychaps for organizing this amazing intimate tasting “seisiún” and bringing @james_kilgannon on board to answer our questions.”

Bog Standard Dram

“I followed your tweets best I could while stuck in my office working. The strong peaty stuff isn’t my favourite but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your thought process and comments. Feels like I can understand each dram. What a great format you have here. Cheers man”


#thewhiskeychaps thanks for inviting me to do this tonight I had a great time and enjoyed selecting the whiskies for you both to try.”

Gordon Smith