Teaninich 12 yr old from James Eadie, 51.5% ABV.

teaninich 12 james eadie

Appearance – We’re well and truly into mahogany wood colouring here, it’s so dark, it beads up on the swirl line, and eventually drops syrupy teardrop legs.

Nose – The nose is nice and balanced, with lemon sherbets, cherry drops sweets, hard boiled fruit sweets, cola cubes, brown sugar, caramel, rum-ish, there’s a cigar leaf note, that’s sweet, a new one to me, and cherry liquor Christmas chocolates, I could nose this for ages to be honest.

Palate – That’s a super slow and honeyed arrival, cola cubes and and cherry liquor chocolates, and more Christmasy flavours, figs, cloves, ginger, Christmas pudding and vanilla custard, even Black Forest gateau, it’s gently caresses your palate, and slowly warms it up with a little black pepper.

Finish – It’s quite long, keeps the inside of the cheeks and roof of the mouth lovely and warm, it’s gently spicy, tropical fruits come through as the spicy doesn’t ratchet up, and right at the end oak, a little char, and cocoa/ black coffee.

My thoughts – This is my first Traninich, and it certainly won’t be my last, I love this particular bottling, it’s so well married and gentle, and packed full of flavour.

Would I buy a bottle? – Definitely, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, and am so pleased I’ve tried it.

Thanks to@whisk(e)y safe (Twitter).

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