Teeling Brabazon series 2, 49.5% ABV.

Teeling brabazon series 2

Appearance – Light gold in colour, very viscous on the glass, good thick legs.

Nose – That’s Red berries all day, I’d say candied lemon rind too, another dusting of icing sugar, sugar coated jelly sweets, and opal fruits (for the older ones amongst us). Strawberries, light red cherries, raspberries, a little cranberry bitterness, so fruity.

Palate – A touch of menthol freshness, nice, a super mouthfeel again, and straight into a bowl of red berry fruits, some pineapple too now, icing sugar again. There’s definitely a biscuity taste too, like cheesecake base, and fruit cocktail syrup from a can coming too, oily again.

Finish – Again long, sweet, syrupy, a slight oak note, and small amount of white pepper, but overall more sweet, it’s loverly.

My thoughts – Another top drawer whisky in the Brabazon range, different from the series one bottling, and just as much of a pleasure to drink.

Would I buy a bottle? – Without a doubt. It’s the perfect follow on from series one, and is just as full of flavour too.

Thanks to – @james_kilgannon (Twitter).

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