Teeling Reichstrat Von Buhl Pinor Noir Cask, 46% ABV.

teeling whiskey

Appearance – A quite light Gold in colour, beads up on the swirl line and has thick slow legs.

Nose – Yes there’s definitely mint here, it’s quite strong initially, it’s a very well married nose. Royal icing is in there, a slight mustiness, cranberries, red currants, Victoria sponge cake, yummy. I’m also getting a lovely sweetness coming through now, that’s delightful, it’s crept in slowly, nice surprise.

Palate – There’s lots of red fruits on the palate, strawberries, raspberries, a little cranberry dryness, red currants too, some lovely oak coming through, black pepper, even strong enough to be black peppercorns, and cardamom.

Finish – It’s quite long, black pepper, plenty of oak, quite a bit of char and red fruits, very nice again.

My thoughts – I’ve really enjoyed this Bottling too, it has plenty going on, one to mull over or simply sip, either way a lovely whiskey.

Would I buy a bottle? – Yes I’ve really enjoyed this bottling, lots of flavour, with spices and char, very nice.

Notes – This whiskey is natural coloured and non chill filtered.

Thanks to – Teeling whiskey, and @JamesKilgannon (Twitter).

Picture credit – Yellow images.

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