Teeling Renaissance 2 Australian Shiraz cask 46% ABV.


Appearance – This whiskey is mid Gold in colour, it’s very viscous with slow thin legs.

Nose – Initially when opened it was very sweet and syrupy, it’s been poured 30+ minutes now, and there’s still plenty of wine sweetness, with tropical and stoned fruits, the initial syrup has got sweeter too. I’m also getting a light nutty note, nectarines, and fruit cocktail syrup, it is delightful.

Palate – Well, that’s delightfully sweet and syrupy, it has a super oily mouthfeel, honey, vanilla, mead, sweet lemon, apricots, even Victoria plums, more to come yet. There’s a slight pepper note, it’s very light, there’s oak, also very light, it shows of the fruits and sweetness of the palate tbh. It’s slowly developing too, more fruits like new make, and it’s getting spicier too, I’m presuming that’s partly due to its age.

Finish – Long Side of medium, white pepper, stoned fruit syrup and/or jam, apricots, nectarines, peaches, lovely and oily, and a sweetness that runs through it.

My thoughts – This whiskey shows wonderful maturity and complexity, it’s so well married and rounded, and its apparent from the first time it’s nosed, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

Would I buy a bottle? – Yes, this is a loverly drop of whiskey, it doesn’t come cheap, but you’ll get a loverly matured and rounded whiskey.

Notes – This whiskey is natural coloured and non chill filtered.

Thanks to – Teeling whiskey, and @JamesKilgannon (Twitter).

Picture credit – The Whisky Exchange

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