Teeling Stiggins’ Fancy Plantation Collaboration Cask 49.2% ABV

Teeling Stiggins’ Fancy Plantation Collaboration Cask 49.2% ABV

Appearance – It’s light Gold in colour, it’s very viscous and has lovely slow thick legs.

Nose – There’s banana, and pineapple, as expected I suppose, but it’s not sweet pineapple, perhaps heavily seared pineapple rings, and that rum note is lovely and strong. I’m definitely getting the heavier rum notes, haven’t tasted yet, but getting brown sugar, caramel, golden syrup, too

Palate – Much sweeter, sweet tropical fruits, pineapples and mango, fruit cocktail syrup, cream soda, white pepper, icing sugar, it’s really nice tbh. Yep vanilla, I’ll say white grapes too, very syrupy, I really like this, sweeter and lighter than the nose gave. It’s very oily for me too, especially on the lips, loverly stuff.

Finish – Long side of medium for me, quite spicy, nice layer of oak now, getting spicier tbh, paprika? Nutmeg, coriander, a lovely finish, an all round super whiskey, especially if somebody likes a rum cask drop.

My thoughts – I absolutely love this bottling, its everything an ex rum cask whisk(e)y should be, it’s bursting with flavour.

Would I buy a bottle? – Yes, this is the best Ex rum cask finished whiskey/whisky I’ve tasted, it’s an absolute belter.

Notes – This whiskey is natural coloured and non chill filtered.

Thanks to – Teeling whiskey, and @JamesKilgannon (Twitter).

Picture credit – The Celtic Whiskey Shop.

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