The Banner Blend batch 2, 46% ABV.

The Banner blend batch 2 46% ABV

Appearance – It’s light gold in colour, it’s extremely viscous on the glass and has really thick legs.

Nose – We have honey, white grapes, and white pepper spice, there’s some nuttiness, which I like, and there’s lemon slices, it’s a little spirity on the nose.

Palate – There’s much more sweetness on the palate, it has a loverly thick mouthfeel, foam shrimp sweets start us off, followed by vanilla, fruit cocktail syrup, icing sugar, lemon and pineapple slices, and the lemon parts from a Turkish delight mix.

Finish – This whiskey is medium in length, I get icing sugar on the lips, white pepper at the back of the throat, and in between is all tropical and stoned fruits.

My thoughts – I’ve really enjoyed this Irish Whiskey from JJ Corry, there’s more than enough to keep me entertained and enjoying it.

Would I buy a bottle? – Yes I would, I like a drop of Irish Whiskey, and I like this one.

Thanks to – @WhiskeyGate, @Tweettastings, and @Thewhiskywire (all Twitter).

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