The Dalmore preview: Matusalem cask 43.8% ABV

Although the final details for this expression are still not made public, as it’s a pre-release, we were told that this is a 21yo, matured in Matusalem (produced by combining a dry Oloroso sherry with Pedro Ximénez) casks and bottled at 43.8%.

Appearance: A shade darker than Rose wine, with that pinkish-orange hue. A hairline tide mark with many thin/medium legs forms a corrugated film on the glass.

Nose: Of the 4 drams this evening, this one matches my personal tastes the most. Pear drops, confectionary sweetness, fruit and nut bar and some floral notes too. Lovely nose.
A funk is starting to present itself now, dark fruits, grape, blueberry sorbet/Hubba Bubba.

Palate: A continuation of the lovely sweet stewed dark fruits, sweet shop goodness and vanilla just adding a slight mellowing. I’m getting a touch of smoke on both the nose and palate now?

Finish: The blueberry still lingers for me, which is lovely! There’s that slight smoke/barrel char and a touch of Christmas spice too. It’s a really nice dram.

Overall: Wonderful dram. The Dalmore isn’t a whisky that I naturally gravitate towards usually, but, if this is priced right, that will change.

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