The Easy Sipper, North British 11yo Single Grain Whisky 46.4% ABV (The Whisky Cellar).

the easy sipper

Matured in exclusively first-fill American Oak ex-bourbon barrels and produced in batches of around 500 bottles. Notes of toasted sugared cereals, vanilla wafers, orchard fruits and a delicious caramel and white chocolate finish.

First-Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrels # 317443 & 317444 (11 years old) | 554 bottles | 46.4% alc. | RRP €39.00

The Whisky Cellar


Very light gold in colour, white wine ish, a thin swirl line beads up and coats the whole glass in a film, and several teardrops.


A menthol freshness, with stoned fruits and a little toasted bread thing. There is a lovely sweetness about this, floral honey I’m saying. #TheWhiskyCellar

This becoming foresty with damp leaf litter and an earthiness. Pink panther wafer biscuits come through also, and some cocoa powder. #TheWhiskyCellar

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Nice and spicy with the 2 1st fill Ex bourbon casks. Vanilla pods, plenty of cinnamon, root ginger, cereals, lychees, dare I say raspberries. Definitely a botanical feel about this dram, with dried apricots, a touch of bitter lemon. #TheWhiskyCellar

Sweetened espresso, maple syrup, molasses, golden syrup #TheWhiskyCellar


Quite long, those spices just keep on coming, lovely warm palate, with vanilla custard and liquorice. #TheWhiskyCellar

My thoughts

I have to say that i am an advocate for Single grain whisky, and i have found that they fall into two very different camps. Firstly there are the older traditional grain whiskies that were put into tired old casks to be blended at some point with single malt whisky. Some of which have matured rather well, but, the prices have also gone up like Single malt whiskies, perhaps not as high, but still too high in my opinion. Secondly are the newer craft orientated Single grain whiskies, which are younger, but have been matured in more intentionally controlled environment, that are generally well priced, and some are very good indeed.

This particular bottling follows the the first case i would say, except that it’s from two 1st fill Ex Bourbon casks, not tired old refill casks, casks that bring much to the spirit in this case. To be honest it’s called “The Easy Sipper”, and personally i don’t think the name does the whisky justice, i feel it offers a bigger experience. For me this is a very drinkable dram, quite moorish too, and it’s one i’d very happily own and drink again.

A big thank you goes out to @whisky_cellar, @TweetTastings, and @TheWhiskyWire for letting me take part in the tasting this bottle was a part off. For transparency, this sample was sent to me free of charge, this in no way impacts on my review of it.

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