The English Smokey, 43% ABV.

The English smokey

Appearance – Medium Gold in colour, quite viscous on the glass and drops slow running thick legs.

Nose – This starts off with sweet liquorice, apricots, and fruity peat, there’s a hint of carbolic soap, followed by peaches, lemon oil, and the lightest scent of tcp.

Palate – There’s a loverly mix of flavours here, Fire ash, seared pineapple rings, newish leather, lemon meringue pie, and icing sugar. Then it slowly develops onto BBQ meats, white pepper, light oak notes and white grapes, it’s loverly and warming too.

Finish – Medium in length, loverly fruity smoke and sweet lemon.

My thoughts – I do like this bottle, it’s a mix of the light and fruity distillery DNA flavours, mixed with peat, and the result is delightful tbh.

Would I buy a bottle? – Definitely, it’s not a peat monster, it’s not meant to be, it’s a super fusion that creates a wonderful English peated whisky.

Thanks to – @ocdwhisky on Twitter, The English Whisky Company – Website.

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