The Glasgow Distillery 1770 Cognac Cask Finish (Batch 1) 52% ABV


The Glasgow Distillery 1770 Cognac Cask Finish (Batch 1) 52% ABV. A limited edition release of 1576 bottles at 52% ABV. A marriage of three casks 18/965 – 18/967, this Triple Distilled spirit was filled on 3rd of February 2018 into first fill ex-bourbon casks and laid to rest for two years and ten months before moving in French Cognac puncheon casks on the 17th of December 2020 for two years and six months. Bottled on the 12th of July 2023.

Appearance: Light gold/white wine. An immediate thin beaded tide mark with many short medium trails and a semi-viscous film. After a short time many teardrops appear.

Nose: Nice and sweet with not too much of an ethanol hit. Vanilla, honey, pastry and grape. After a time some deeper and more rich notes of berries and a little cherry come through. Sugar also starts to make its way to the forefront as the dram matures.

Palate: A nice oily mouthfeel with a good ethanol level and a light spice tingle. Vanilla, grape, black pepper and caramel. Pepper-dusted sweeter notes emerge from the second sip: vanilla, honey and a little semolina. Some popping candy appears after a few sips which I like as it morphs the spice tingle into something new, evolving nicely. A good chest warming starts to emerge which is always pleasing in the colder months!

Finish: The vanilla, black pepper and some of that popping candy tingle last for a medium to long amount of time. There’s a very subtle drying in the throat but barely noticeable.

Overall: I like this one, it’s more subtle and has a great balance of friendly flavours (especially for a 50+% whisky). Nice.

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