The Glenturret 10-Year-Old Peat Smoked (2021 Release) 50% ABV


This whisky combines a balance between the distillery’s peated and unpeated spirit. Matured in first and second-fill European and American oak, and bottled at 50% ABV. Released as part of The Glenturret’s 2021 collection.

Appearance: Burnt orange in colour. A sticky film forms when swirled, with a medium swirl mark and quite a few medium trails. The tide mark beads up after a few more swirls and morphs into a series of teardrops.

Nose: A good balance of alcohol. A lovely rich and fruity set of aromas greet the nose. Orchard fruits, red berries, Christmas spices, honey and vanilla. Oak also swirls around in the mix after a time too. A sweet BBQ meat smoke forms a veil over the other notes and creates a lovely complimentary layer to the dram.

Palate: A pleasing velvety mouthfeel. No big hit of ethanol, allowing for the flavours to arrive immediately: buttery smoked caramel, raspberry ripple vanilla ice cream and deep rich and decadent fruit notes from the palate. Some chocolate and orange peel make an appearance as the dram matures. It’s like that bowl of chocolates with various lovely flavoured centres that get put out at Christmas. There’s a touch of salinity that compliments the sweeter notes.

Finish: The caramel, salinity and warming spices all linger for a good amount of time. A little of the orange element also makes it to the finish but dissipates quickly.

Overall: It’s a lovely dram! Plenty going on, a great balance between the smoke, Christmas spices, caramel/vanilla and fruit notes and nothing offputting at all. I bought a bottle after this review 👌

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