The Glenturret 12 year old 46% ABV

glenturret 12yr old

Set in the beautiful Perthshire countryside, The Glenturret Distillery is Scotland’s oldest working distillery and a truly unique whisky experience.  Glenturret Malt Whisky is still hand crafted today as it was over two centuries ago using the only remaining hand operated mash tun in Scotland.  Drawing on the area’s plentiful natural resources, whisky is made by hand and heart and visitors will experience the traditional handmade distilling processes that have been used to craft the whiskies at The Glenturret Distillery for generations.

Glenturret Whisky

Appearance – This is a darker gold to slightly oxidised copper pipe in colour, it’s very viscous on the glass, and it leaves a coating on the glass.

Nose – Quite bold, hard fruit sweets initially, then some menthol, dustiness, cherry drop and strawberry lips sweets, sweet liquorice, old leather, figs, dunnage, Irn bru, pastry again, rum soaked raisins. There are notes of cherry and strawberries also.

Palate – Lovely and fruity initially, tropical and stoned fruits, very oily, white pepper, menthol, then darker flavours come along, figs, cloves, rum soaked raisins, brown sugar, gingerbread, cinnamon buns, and caramel, and yet an icing sugar sweetness persists also, it’s a lovely development.

Finish – Lovely dark fruit spiciness, oak and tannins, chilli, dark chocolate, ginger cinnamon, raisins and figs, really nice finish.

My thoughts – Yes super stuff, i love it, and it just pips the 10yr old Peat Smoked to the finish line.

Would i buy a bottle? – Definitely, i can see a purchase on the horizon to be honest.

Thanks to – GlenTurret whisky, Tweet tastings, and The Whisky Wire.

Picture creditHouse of Malt.

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