The Glenturret New make 63.5% ABV

Set in the beautiful Perthshire countryside, The Glenturret Distillery is Scotland’s oldest working distillery and a truly unique whisky experience.  Glenturret Malt Whisky is still hand crafted today as it was over two centuries ago using the only remaining hand operated mash tun in Scotland.  Drawing on the area’s plentiful natural resources, whisky is made by hand and heart and visitors will experience the traditional handmade distilling processes that have been used to craft the whiskies at The Glenturret Distillery for generations.

Glenturret whisky

Appearance – Clear as expected, very viscous on the glass, and thick syrupy legs.

Nose – Cherry bakewells all over this, with other pastry mmm, plum and damson jam, light smoke? Cereals, a little savoury meat note, and a little freshness, like menthol.

Palate – Oooh, darker notes than I expected, definitely leaning towards a Sherry cask finish whisky, and rum, with raisins, figs, blackberries, apricots, cloves, brown sugar, caramel, I’m still getting a light smoke. There’s royal icing, black cherries, and old leather.

Finish – The finish is much like the palate to be honest.

My thoughts – We, The whisky chaps, have tasted quite a few new make spirits now, and this one has aspects of other new make spirits, but it comes with darker ex-sherry cask fruits, I’ve not had that in a new make spirit before, great whisky starts with great New make spirit.

Thanks to – GlenTurret whisky, Tweet tastings, and The Whisky Wire.

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