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2,975 Founder’s Club members are on a journey of maturation and discovery. Receiving 10 exclusive whiskies over 10 years – each drawn from the earliest casks produced at the distillery – they have a unique opportunity to experience how the character and flavour of The Lakes Spirit is evolving over time.

These were tasted as part of our Whiskey chaps Founders tasting of bottles 1-6 yrs of age, and the Whiskymaker #4 with @GentlemanGrimm from Twitter and Instagram, who very kindly gifted us the samples.

Founders bottle 3 yr old 46.6 % ABV


Moving onto Sherry cask and the colour deepens quite a bit now, I’d say mid gold, it has a good thick swirl line that beads up pretty quickly and drops nice slow legs. #thewhiskeychaps


Yes quite a jump now, bolder, deeper, I am still getting the menthol note, sweet candy lemon now, slightly botanical, grains and cut grass, ans a little red berries. #thewhiskeychaps


Nice thick mouthfeel, with tropical/stoned fruits sweetness, and definitely starting to fill up with darker fruits. The longer it sits the more dark fruits arrive, and it starts to become spicier too. Cinnamon, ginger and cardamon bring the spices, sweet lemonade makes an appearance, before delving into the wood and liquorice flavours. #thewhiskeychaps


A touch of strawberry and raspberry, then into tobacco leaves, grapefruit again, almost rumish too, very nice #thewhiskeychaps

My thoughts

The three of us on this tasting became a little confused at this point as the ABV had been increased to what is now the distillery ABV of 46.6%, and the cask influence definitely felt more Ex- Sherry, i shall obtain clarification on this point.

The overall feel at 3 years old is again a large jump in aromas and flavours, it’s becoming deeper and bolder now, with quite a range of new flavours coming through, as we said on the evening it is becoming very nice indeed.

Founders Bottle 4 yr old 46.6% ABV


Moving on another year, and it’s slightly darker than mid gold, again nice thick swirl line and legs. #thewhiskeychaps


The difference in one year is amazing, it’s now a sweet botanical, evergreen, menthol and slightly dusty dram. I can still smell pineapple, though not sweet pineapple, and wood treatments now. #thewhiskeychaps


Again lovely mouthfeel, syrupy, lots of sweetness/bitterness again but both are stronger here. Very sweet lemon/lemonade, then dark chocolate dipped strawberries, wood varnish, dusty, becoming leathery too now. Plums and figs. #thewhiskeychaps


Long side of medium in length for me, but spices do linger. Hazelnuts and chocolate, red berries too, black pepper and chilli’s, a touch of grapefruit zest also, and the spices come on stronger again before slowly dissipates.

My thoughts

Again i feel another wonderful jump in aromas and flavours here, and it really does keep you guessing as to which direction it’s going to move next. I personally have been surprised by each year added, it’s been an absolute pleasure to follow this from spirit to whisky, and i sure does taste good 🥰.

A huge thank you goes out to @GentlemanGrimm for these tasting sets, i’m sure i’d never have gotten to taste them otherwise.

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