The Lakes Founders 2yo Spirit 40% ABV

the lakes founders

Drawn exclusively from the first 100 casks of whisky ever produced at The Lakes Distillery over 10 years. These bottles are limited to the members of the ‘Founders Club’ at the distillery.

Appearance: Heavily diluted lemon cordial. This does seem to have lost some of the viscosity, compared to the 1-year-old? Medium legs, but fewer of them.
A slight funk after the glass has matured.

Nose: The nose is lighter, for me, too. Sweeter with the sugar-dusted berry note and a touch more oak. The ABV is slightly better ‘balanced’ in the 2yo. I know it’s the save % (40), but it seems more prominent.

Palate: Ooh, on the palate it’s gone up a level in spice. Not heavy spice but there’s a definite increase. After this, there’s the citrus, although lighter now, malt biscuits and honey. It’s slightly tart and dry. Milk of magnesia.

Finish: A touch of mint, sweet malty biscuits, water and very light spice.

Overall: Like the 1yo spirit, the ABV, for me, is too low. Up it, a little and the balance would be much better. As it is there’s a little too much dilution.

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