The Lakes Founders 4 yo Spirit 46.6% ABV

the lakes founders

Drawn exclusively from the first 100 casks of whisky ever produced at The Lakes Distillery over 10 years. These bottles are limited to the members of the ‘Founders Club’ at the distillery.

Appearance: Light golden honey/dessert wine. Lots of medium legs and a thin film on the glass when swirled. Medium tide mark.

Nose: Again a good ABV ‘wave’ arrives first, followed by red berries, confectionary sugar and red apple. The funk is growing too (awesome), it’s there ever-earlier as the spirit matures. BBQ’d pineapple.

Palate: This one has mellowed on the berry element and becomes even more custard and cake. The second sip reveals more spice, cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of clove too.
Having said that the berry element had subsided, it’s back on the third and subsequent sips. Fruit strudle. Lovely red berries and a sweet pastry.

Finish: Short to medium. Full of honey-soaked red berries, that cereal element from the younger spirit and the buttery pastry. It’s like a Werthers actually, not full-on mint (for me).

Overall: This is starting to become a really nice whisky now. It’s forming a ‘completeness’ as we go. One of the things I love in a dram is a journey. Aromas & flavours reveal themselves the more you explore. This is starting to offer that now.

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