The Lakes x2 Tasting, 21/1/21

lakes "the one"

“The One”, Orange wine cask finish & Port cask finish.

The Lakes practises holistic whisky making, with the whiskymaker at the helm throughout the journey through the distillery and beyond. His single-minded focus at every stage provides continuity of character; our assurance that every flavour possibility is achieved.

The lakes Distilley

Orange wine cask finish, 46.6% ABV.

“The One” Orange wine cask was released in June 2020, it’s a blended whisky at 46.6% ABV, none chill filtered, and natural in colour, with 2994 bottles produced. Grain and Malt Scotch whiskies from Speyside and Islay were matured in 1st fill American oak casks seasoned with aromatised wine casks known as “Vino de Naranja” from Huelva, Andulucia in southern Spain.

Appearance – I have to say that it does have an orange hue, must be a lot of influence as this is natural colour, It has very thick syrupy oily legs too.

Nose – Very fruity, there is a marmalade note with the fruits, it’s dusty also, I get a little menthol and cereals, perhaps oats. I’m also getting some BBQ meat notes, could be the Speyside or Islay whiskies, along with some darker fruits and liquorice.

Palate – Lakes OWC P – Oh that’s a loverly mouthfeel, really syrupy, with Dark chocolate Orange , chilli’s, ginger, and some tropical fruits I’d say too, quite a bit of oak, 1st fill American oak casks doing that, very very nice. That Orange/ marmalade note definitely intensifies doesn’t it, and the oak almost recess a little letting the Orange shine through.

Finish – The finish is quite long, something I’ve not come across too often with blends, and there’s dark chocolate, orange, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, chilli’s, marmalade, black cherries and oak, with no drying at all. I’m getting water melon and coffee too at the end, first time I’ve had water melon to be honest.

Overall – This is a super blended whisky, it has a lovely syrupy mouthfeel, and the dark orange/marmalade notes really help to distinguish this as something different, it was a very brave choice to go with a wine cask finish, Dhavall Gandhi has done an exquisite job here.

Port cask finish, 46.6% ABV.

Batch 2, Tawny port and Ruby port finished, released September 2020.

“The One” port cask finish was released in mid 2019, a blend of the Lakes Single Malt whisky makers reserve and other Single Malt whiskies and grain whiskies from Speyside and Islay which were married for 6 months. Batch 1 was finished for a year in 1st fill Tawny port casks, batch 2 was finished in both Tawny port and Ruby port casks.

Appearance – This is a dark gold colour, it’s very viscous, beads up on the swirl line and slowly drops slim legs.

Nose – Red berries, leather, lots of liquorice, a dustiness, wood varnish, and Sherry soaked dark fruits, mince pies and Christmas pudding. There’s also an earthiness and cigar leaves.

Palate – Yep red berries again, but then instantly more spicy, darker fruits, cloves, figs, currants, with ginger, black peppercorns, black cherries, this is surprisingly dark and heavy, a real spicy drop, which has caught me out a little to be honest.

Finish – Ginger, black pepper, black coffee, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, slightly herbaceous and earthy. Black grapes and cherries, oak, figs and cloves, and it’s quite long and warming, and perhaps a little flourish of salt right at the end on the lips.

Overall – This is another great bottling from “The One” range, it also has a great mouthfeel, and loads of flavour, and like the Orange wine cask finish bottling it would be very difficult for most to pick it out as a blended whisky, it is a lovely dram.

Overall tasting thoughts – I have really enjoyed these two whiskies, i now need to try the sherry cask finish, and Millie Forster from the distillery team who joined us on the evening informed us that some new bottlings will be added to “The One” range this year, as well as the “Whiskymaker’s” editions.

Thanks to – Millie Forster, Dhavall Gandhi, and The Lakes distillery.

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