The Lost Distillery Jericho Christmas Edition 46% ABV

Samaroli spey 20

A blended malt from The Lost Distillery Company. Bottled in 2016 and finished in Sherry Casks.

Appearance: Honey gold/sunset. A lovely oozy film forms with seeping medium legs and a substantial swirl mark.

Nose: A decent ABV wave hits. Lots of dried fruit, honey drizzled figs, Christmas spices, coffee and dark chocolate.
Buttered burnt toast, heavy on carbon, some sweetness and a touch of sulphur.
Some eucalyptus and lemon pepper appear after a little time.

Palate: Some typical drying and gentle sulphur hit first. After that, the palate is quite confused and a bit of a mess of flavours.
Some spice heat kicks in as the dram matures, in the form of white pepper.

Finish: Short in length. Some citrus, sulphur and the dryness linger a bit.

Overall: Not great. A mess of flavours and is dry.

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