The Malt Whisky Company Glenrothes 9yo Cask #: 37602 64.2% ABV

The Malt Whisky Company Glenrothes

This single cask Speyside was matured in a Refill Hogshead/Oloroso.

Appearance: Vinegar amber/copper. A thick film forms quickly on the inside of the glass, with many medium and thick legs. A jagged swirl mark clings above the legs, beaded and tear drop heavy.

Nose: A decent ethanol wave from the high ABV, but not overwhelming (unless you stick your nose right in, then it hits your senses hard!). Heaps of dark fruits and caramel. Old leather and hazelnut follow closely behind. The caramel notes morph slightly into a more buttery and slightly mint note, similar to Werther’s Originals.There’s a lovely depth to the nose, as well and richness and a good balance of aromas.

Palate: A beautiful silky mouthfeel, especially impressive from an 8yo. Immediate leather and tannins. Slightly drying in the throat.The caramel notes remain, but slightly leaning more towards toffee now. These grow and sweaten throughout the dram, which is lovely and adds depth and a decadent side. A slightly acrid element starts to drop in, but thankfully doesn’t amount to anything. Eventually, and after a lot of acclimatising, there are some otherwise hidden sweeter berry notes from the oloroso, as well as extremely faint sulphur. There’s a white pepper heat in the chest, almost like mild acid.

Finish: Medium in length. The toffee, berries and sulphur linger, along with the pepper on the chest.

Overall: Awesome nose with great depth and balance. The palate is lovely too, but, if I have to critique at all, I didn’t like the pepper heat on the chest, which seems to bypass the mouth altogether. The growing toffee/caramel sweetness and depth is very nice indeed.

It’s lovely and I reckon this one would mellow slightly in the bottle.

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