The Octave An Iconic Speyside 2010 12yo 53.3% ABV


From a family-owned distillery in Speyside that’s famous for its sherry casks. Taken from a single sherry octave cask filled in 2010. The smaller cask means extra wood contact. It was bottled in 2023 with ncf or colour added.

Appearance: A lovely light caramel colour, semi-viscous film and thick swirl mark & trails.

Nose: Lovely and confectionary sweet, toffee apple, roasted nuts, some citrus freshness to balance and a touch of mint aero. The more I nose this one, the more the roasted nuts become covered in chocolate. The apple note also grows with time.

Palate: The caramel, toffee apple and chocolate-coated nuts translate to the palate from the nose, I like that consistency. The spice grows to a more chilli-like tingle, not offputting, just an element that evolves as the dram ages. As do the tannic earthy flavours.

Finish: The finish for me is medium to long, with more of the oak, caramel and peppery spice. The apple has vanished now. Right at the end there is that slight drying.

Overall: I liked that one! It’s about £100, so not cheap. Possibly a little too pricey for me to justify, but a nice dram.

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