The Octave Miltonduff 2011 55.2% ABV


One of only 97 bottles available. Distilled in 2011, and bottled in 2021. Finished for 6 months in a sherry wood Octave cask.

Appearance: Quite light, almost rose wine in colour. Nice and viscous, with a defined swirl line and medium legs forming.

Nose: The ABV is immediately evident (which I like), quite a light sweet nose, wafts of confectionary sugar, barley, pine and wood. Some grilled tropical fruits now, pineapple and mango maybe? The nose perfectly matches the appearance: ABV aside, it’s delicate, fruity and floral.
The sherry oak influence comes through more as the glass matures. Reminds me a bit of Kavalan Sherry Oak (sounds obvious) which is in my top 5 all-time whiskies.

Palate: Lovely oily and buttery mouthfeel, always a good sign! Chilli chocolate, blood orange, prickly spice on the back of the tongue, a tad drying on the finish. There’s a dessert wine concentrated sweetness that balances any bitterness too, I like it!
Getting lime and those cigar leaves now, as well as damp woodland foliage. Added a touch of water and those milky coffee notes shine through. Also, the chilli becomes more of black pepper.

Finish: The finish for me is that chilli chocolate (although more chocolate than chilli now), the fruit hit and those vegetal elements #thewhiskeychaps

Overall: A lovely, ever-evolving dram, full of spice and fruit, but with a delicate floral side too. Very nice!

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