The Octave Tullibardine 2013 53.7% ABV

Octave Tullibardine 2013

Distilled in 2008 and matured for 13 years in oak casks, with a three-month finishing period in small octave casks. Only 71 bottles were released in 2021.

Appearance: Summer honey gold, nice and oily, creates a good film on the glass, along with medium legs and a solid tide mark.

Nose: Great hit from the ABV, along with dark fruits (black pepper dusted strawberries and blackberries come through most), oak and a funk! This one is deeper and richer on the nose than the Miltonduff for me. This is definitely more fruit-forward for me, without so much of the spiciness.

Palate: Nice and viscous mouthfeel (maybe not as oily as the Miltonduff) Fruit filled dark bitter chocolates (cherry, strawberry and blackberry). The second sip reveals more creamy notes. Mint too now, After Eights and orange. There’s more spice, as the glass matures, in the form of black pepper and a mild version of hot cinnamon Fireball sweets.

Finish: The finish is a continuation of the spices that developed and the creamy coffee.

Overall: Overall I really like the nose on this one, the fruit-forward chocolate on the palate is very nice indeed. I like this running theme of the creamy side of the whisky. Seems to be the undercoat that the spices, fruits and other flavour elements are layered on top of.

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