The Quiet Man 12yr old, 46% ABV.

the quiet man 12yr old

Appearance – This bottling is Straw/white wine in colour, it’s very viscous, with very slow thick legs.

Nose – There are lots of Red berries on this palate, with some linseed oil, foam bananas, wood varnish, it’s a good ABV, and continues with lemon oil, cream soda sweetness and unripe green fruits.

Palate – The palate kicks off with a wave of menthol freshness with pineapple slices, icing sugar, savoury meats, bbq sauce, apricots, nectarines, it’s developing and becoming more confectionery, with a real sweetness on the side of the tongue, very nice.

Finish – We have white pepper, and red berries, there’s light oak and it’s really warming. It continues with white grapes, a little cinnamon spice, stem ginger, Its medium to long for me, it’s loverly stuff.

My thoughts – This was my favourite of the blend, 8yr old, and 12yr old, it has that bit more flavour wise, and a better finish imho.

Would I buy a bottle? – It’s a yes from me, I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve tried, and it’s different from other Irish whiskies, definitely down to the blending, they’ve done a good job in my opinion.

Notes – I have found reference to this bottling being non chill filtered, but not as to whether it’s natural coloured, but it is very light in colour, suggesting little or no colour added.

Thanks to – @TheQuietMan, @TheWhiskyWire, @TweetTastings (all Twitter.)

Picture credit – The Celtic Whiskey Shop.

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