The Sipping Shed Glenshiel 10 59.4% ABV


In the style of Inchmurrin so no peat. Distilled at Loch Lomond distillery and matured in a 1st fill bourbon barrel.

Appearance: White wine/diluted apple juice. A hairline swirl mark forms above a viscous film, with numerous beads and teardrops. Quick-forming medium legs line the circumference of the glass.

Nose: Honey, light caramel, pear drops, barley and cereal are the initial notes. Subtle floral notes, hints of summer berries, red apple skin and vegetal cut grass and hedgerow aromas now. Although the ABV is evident (I think it would be impossible to not be given the 59+%), it’s not overpowering and carried very well. It’s a clever dram in that it’s obviously high ABV, the aromas are quite delicate but the two work well together.
As the glass matures there’s a sweeter, more dessert-like quality to the nose. The caramel note intensifies, along with icing sugar and watermelon pastel sweets (ALDI).
There are some wood notes and a faint spice
It’s a lovely varied nose and a great start to the dram, I’m impressed at how under control the ABV is.

“This is in the style of Inchmurrin so no peat and a lovely fruity clean spirit. It’s matured in a first fill bourbon cask which is quite evident adding custard and coconut. Quite hefty at cask strength so i like just a drop of water with mine…”

– Dan Hipshon – The Sipping Shed Founder

Palate: A lovely mouthfeel, like melted butter. Spicier on the palate than the nose would suggest (as many are), but not overly so. The ABV is also more evident on the palate, with that ethanol tingle and chest-warming ‘hug’!
As the palate acclimatises, there are flavours of honey, digestive biscuit, a touch of eucalyptus and black pepper.
Adding a drop or two of water releases cherry soothers, hot aniseed and mild chilli. Wood spices and char are in abundance now, as are wood sugars (is that a thing? it’s the first thing that sprang to mind) like caramelisation.
The sweetness grows as the dram ages, revealing a subtle candied orange segment element.

Finish: So long! Full of spice, barrel char and caramel. There’s also that cooling note and chilli tingle.

Overall: It’s a beast of a CS whisky and in a very good way! Adding water opens a whole new set of flavours. 2 whiskies in 1 – awesome!

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