The Whisky Cellar Glentauchers 12yo Bourbon Cask 56.4% ABV


Distilled in June 2011 at Glentauchers Distillery and aged in a first-fill Bourbon barrel, before being bottled in June 2023. One of 230 bottles.

Appearance: A hairline beaded tide mark atop a semi-viscous film. Each bead slowly transforms into many teardrops while the film creases around the glass.

Nose: Light gold/white dessert wine. A pleasing level of alcohol. Light and fruity with connections sugar. Plenty of honey, vanilla and baking spices.
Some zesty citrus, faint aniseed and meringue.

Palate: A lovely smooth mouthfeel. The ABV is more evident on the palate. Caramel, black pepper and lemon pepper.
A little sour grapefruit. The 2 pepper spice notes start to blend with baking spices and a little white pepper.
There’s some cloying at the back of the mouth and throat.

Finish: Medium to long. Lemon pepper, chocolate, pepper elements and vanilla all linger for a decent length of time.

Overall: It’s a ‘nice’ inoffensive whisky with a few pleasant elements, all well-balanced. There’s nothing that would get me to make a B-line for it though.

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