The Whisky Cellar Miltonduff 10yo Oloroso Sherry Quarter Cask Private Cellars Selection 57.1%

This whisky, distilled in 2013 at Miltonduff Distillery, aged in two Oloroso Sherry Quarter casks and bottled in 2023. Total outrun of 351 bottles.

Appearance: Toffee/hazelnut. A narrow beaded swirl mark forms along with many thin to medium trails around the circumference of the glass. A decent sticky film clings to the glass too. Several droplets form after a while.

Nose: the ABV works well with the aromas and isn’t overpowering, especially given the 57.1%. Lots of varnished wood, sweet cherry and Christmas spices, it’s a lovely initial set of aromas. Next there’s brown sugar, toffee, some orchard fruits and rhubarb & custard boiled sweets.

Palate: A lovely unctuous mouthfeel with a big spicy hit from the alcohol, reassuringly so. Black pepper, cherry cough sweets, blood orange and lemon pepper appear first. The wood note from the nose is consistent too, which I’m happy about as I liked it very much. There is a more mellow side to this dram but it’s buried deep within the other more dominant flavours. Some vanilla, green apple and pear.

Finish: The wood, spice and cherry are ever-present right to the end of the medium to long finish. Blood orange and pepper also compliment.

Overall: Very nice indeed. Great aromas and flavours coupled with that big ABV spice is a real winner in my book. I’d have to limit myself to 1 dram though or I’d be in trouble!

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