Three Ships 12 year old 46.3% ABV

Three Ships whisky, from James Sedgwick Distillery; the only commercial whisky distillery in Africa. The warmer South African climate results in a much higher angel’s share, but also accelerated interaction between the spirit and oak.

Appearance: A nice rich amber. Plenty of good legs.

Nose: There’s a tingle on the nose from the ABV, that lasts, even after the glass had sat for a while, which I like. Pastry, plenty of confectionary sugar, baking spice and a touch of candied lemon or lime. Reminiscent of a lemon meringue pie!

There’s also an oaky/earthy, leafy, petrichor-like smell, that smell fresh after a rain storm

Palate: A nice buttery mouth feel, very welcoming on the first sip. I expected it to be slightly more harsh, judging going by the nose, so it’s a pleasant surprise.There a layer of that sugar coating all the other flavours here, it shows up at the end of each sip. Plenty of honey and vanilla, but write floral too.

Finish: Short to medium. The sweetness carries all the way through to the finish. There’s a slight metallic edge to it, but nothing to detract from the sweet, warming flavours.

Overall: Very impressed. It’s a lovely and approachable whiskey, that’s well-balanced and moorish. Definitely a daily sipper!

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