Three ships 12yr old, 46.3% abv.

three ships 12yr old

It’s incredibly rewarding for me to see just how far we have come since those first days of producing whisky in South Africa.

Andy Watts

Appearance – This whisky is mid gold in colour, its very viscous and oily on the glass, and has very thick slow legs.

Nose – There’s quite a bit going on here to be honest, there are cherry drop sweets, a menthol freshness, breakfast cereals (Corn flakes), vanilla, and royal icing sweetness. Then the nose picks up on darker notes, with cigar leaves, black liquorice, dunnage and an earthiness.

Palate – First off, it has a lovely mouthfeel, with cocktail cherries, apricots, nectarines and white pepper, and then it starts to develop into darker notes. now we have chilli’s, some high cocoa content dark chocolate bitterness, cigar leaves, dark chocolate orange, and cloves.

Finish – The finish is on the long side of medium length for me, there’s plenty of oak, some icing sugar sweetness, more cigar leaves, cardamom, and white pepper.

My thoughts – I’m really enjoying this whisky, and after waiting so long for another whisky from the James Sedgwick distillery i have to say this bottling doesn’t disappoint.

Would I buy a bottle? – I have bought a bottle and I’m very pleased with it to be honest, I’d certainly recommend it.

Notes – This whisky is of natural colour and non chill filtered.

Picture creditThe Whisky Exchange.

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