Tobermory 12yr old 59.8% ABV A.D.Rattray

tobermory 12yr old a.d.rattray

This Tobermorywhisky, distilled on the Isle of Mull, is from the Warehouse Collection, the label says Individual Cask Release but no cask number is given. It is Ex – bourbon cask matured, NCF, NC, and CS at 59.8% ABV


Slightly damp straw in colour but still very light indeed, and a thin swirl line beads up instantly into tiny droplets and slow messing legs. #thewhiskeychaps


The ABV is more apparent here, there is sweetness, but it’s holding back at the moment. I’m getting a botanical feel with this, damp leaf litter, cigar leaves and milk chocolate digestives. #thewhiskeychaps


Nice mouthfeel, and a lovely palate. Spicy as expected, but sweet too. Fruit cocktail syrup from a can, tizer, tutti frutti’s, skittles, then cocktail cherries, and guava. Starts to lean towards darker notes. #thewhiskeychaps


Long and spicy with dandelion and burdock, blackcurrants, black pepper, cigar leaves, black Jack sweets, figs, cloves and peppermint. #thewhiskeychaps

My thoughts

This is a bottle that i bought, and i chose it because i love Ledaig whisky but have little experience of Tobermory, the unpeated version of Ledaig. I took a calculated risk, and i have to say that i am very happy with the bottling, it’s definitely one i would purchase again. It offers lots on the palate starting off with sweeter light fruits, developing into lovely spices, then onto darker fruits, with a long finish becoming lightly bitter.

Notes – This whisky is non chill filtered, natural coloured and cask strength.

Thanks to both Sean – @RockNRolla60 and Mike – @whiskyodyssey for the use of their tweets from the tasting, you can find Mike’s whisky blog here and follow Mike and Sean on Twitter using the button below, as well as A.D.Rattray and indeed us too.

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