Tobermory Virgin Oak Distillery Exclusive 57% ABV (Blind Tasted).

tobermory virgin oak de

This whisky was blind tasted during the Blind Tasting Consortium’s 25th session, the whiskies were selected by Billy, @BillyCowan on Twitter.


More of a mid gold with an lemon/orange hue. The medium thick swirl line beads up immediately, dropping medium thick legs. #BlindDrams


There’s a wonderful sweetness initially here. Royal icing and those sweet lemon shaped sugar dusted jellies. Golden syrup and cereals come next, with a dustiness, warm apricot pastries. #BlindDrams

Red berry strudel and custard, and the red bobbly sweets in a bag of liquorice allsorts. There is a touch of menthol freshness too. Linseed oil also comes through. #BlindDrams

blind tasting consortium 25


More fruity spiciness like #Blind 2. Lots of red fruits tbh, mixed with black pepper, cinnamon, pontefract cakes, flat cola, and an oily mouthfeel. cigar leaves and dark shag tobacco are here now, strong cough syrup, syrup from a can of fruit salad. #BlindDrams


Quite long, remaining spicy, dark chocolate, figs, plums, cask char or tannins, ans espresso coffee. #BlindDrams

My thoughts

I hold my hands up to being a fan of Tobermory/Ledaig whiskies fan, they are one of only a handful of distilleries i’d by distillery bottles from, and i enjoyed this one too. There’s plenty on the nose and palate to keep me entertained, and it’s one i know i’d enjoy if i tried it again.

Flavours from this bottle get darker and spicier with time, it’s a good example of a Virgin Oak cask whisky.

The Blind Tasting Consortium use the hashtag #BlindDrams when doing tastings, use Tweetdeck to search archived tweets for 125 blind tasted whiskies as of today’s.

Banner image courtesy of @jwbassman_

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