TOMATIN 19yr old HAND FILL DISTILLERY EXCLUSIVE, 53.7% ABV, (blind tasted).

tomatin distillery exclusive

Single cask #34880, PX finish (8yrs), Distilled 30/11/01 – Bottled 10/10/2020.

Appearance – This one’s dark, heading to mahogany, beads up on the swirl line, quite viscous on the glass, has slow thin legs.

Nose – We have spent cap gun caps, wood varnish, cigar leaves, dunnage, and earthiness, cherry lozenges, hand rolling tobacco, prunes, figs, and mustiness, it’s all dark and heavy flavours here.

Palate – We’re straight into heavy darker notes here, old sherry stuff. Kicking off with cigar leaves, cloves, figs, a super syrupy mouthfeel, black pepper, cinnamon, dates, blood oranges, and prunes, really bold. That used cap gun caps is definitely sulphur, again very slight but there.

Finish – It’s long side of medium for me, spicy but not too spicy, black pepper, cinnamon, chilli, some oak, black cherries, figs and prunes, rum and liquorice. Leaves dates in the back of the mouth once dry.

My thoughts – I really like this bottle, loads of flavour and depth, and its so bold and sherry juicy, loverly stuff.

Would i buy a bottle? – If i had the funds available i would by a bottle, and it would be a last dram of the evening sipper, especially as the winter sets in.

Notes – This whisky is presented as its natural colour, it’s non chill filtered, and bottled at cask strength.

Picture creditsAll pic were taken by @Chris_f74, follow below.

Thanks to – The Blind Tasting Consortium (Twitter), using #BlindDrams, and @Chris_f74.

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