Tomatin 13 Year Old 2006 Fino Sherry Cask 46% ABV

Tomatin 2006

The 2006 Fino expression was matured for 13 years at Tomatin Distillery on the 10th November 2006 and moved to the finest Spanish Fino Sherry butts on 12th November 2015. – Tomatin

“We strive to produce remarkable expressions that appeal to not only our existing customers, but to a wider audience too. The 2006 Fino is a great example of our dedication to craft and excellence. The combination of both sweet and savoury notes gives a finish like no other, and we hope it will entice both whisky enthusiasts and novices to try this new edition.”

Graham Eunson, Master Distiller at Tomatin

Appearance: Lighter than I’d expect fr a sherry cask. Light honey gold. Coats the glass well, good legs.

Nose: Bags of fruit and berries. Plum pie and cream, all mixed together. It’s a lovely fresh, but warm and wintery and comforting nose, deep and rich.
There’s a backing track of confectionary sugar, balancing the slight sharpness of the fruits.
I’m looking forward to the palate.

Palate: The palate is far less fruity than the nose. If blind tasting I wouldn;t think this was the same whiskey. More honey and vanilla, less of the sherry influence. Still quite sweet, a touch of liquorice and some dull spice too.
Quite a pleasant mouthfeel, oily, not buttery, but oily. There’s some nuttiness and a bit of chocolate in there too, think Cadburys Whole Nut (as it was, not the bastardised chopped nut version that they now punt).

Finish: Medium in length. Chocolate and nuts, some butter cream. Slightly drying and metallic.

Overall: Wonderful deep rich and fruity nose. Very friendly indeed. Unfortunately, for me, the palate and finish let it down in their lack of the elements the nose promised. It’s not a bad whisky by any means, it’s just the start is too strong and the rest of the experience can;t back it up.

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