Tomintoul 10yr old, 40% ABV.

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Tomintoul Distillery was built in 1964. Our distillery uses traditional techniques that stretch back hundreds of years, to make our award-winning single malt, “the gentle dram”. The natural environment, fresh air and pure water all add to our uniquely smooth and mellow spirit.

Tomintoul Whisky


Mid gold in colour, it has a decently thick swirl line and quite syrupy slow medium legs.


From the bottle the strongest aroma is peaches, and initially from the glass they lead too. Sugar coated lemon jelly slices back up the initially sweet fruitiness and it is indeed a gentle dram, it’s quite confectionery like initially.

Given time there’s a perfume note, and it becomes dusty too. Vanilla crown pastries (yummy), cereals, and flapjack slowly develop, and eventually it becomes a little foresty for me, this is joined by a meaty note, which i get quite a lot with Speyside whiskies.


As with the nose the palate kicks off with fruit sweetness, pineapple cubes, peach slices and sweet lemon, and there’s a decent mouthfeel too.

More time in the glass reveals a little white pepper spiciness, mellow honey, vanilla and ginger, definitely vanilla custard.


Medium in length, and heading into lightly spicy places with the above fruits and white pepper. Milk chocolate coated raisins are a lovely addition.

My thoughts

I’m pretty sure iv’e only tried a Tomintoul whisky once before tasting this one, and it was a couple of years ago now, and i do recall enjoying it, so i came to this with a positive feeling.

Iain Forteath – global Brand Ambassador & Master Blender for Angus Dundee Distillers PLC headed up the zoom tasting i attended, and even though he suggested this is a relatively simple dram, i have to say i rather enjoyed it, as did others on the tasting. It brings with it a refreshing palate that becomes lightly spicy, with a better than expected mouthfeel. It is easily enjoyable at any time, and for me personally i’d say it is a spring/summer dram.

Would i buy a bottle?

Yes i would, i did rather enjoy it, problem for me would be that i know they have older bottling’s (that i will be reviewing), that have more depth, though i have to say that this is a very good entry level age statement whisky, from just over £20 it’s a great sipper.

Notes – This whisky has been chill filtered and does have colouring added.

Thanks to – @TomintoulWhisky and @scotch_voyager.

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