Tomintoul 16yo 40% ABV

tomintoul 16

Matured in selected bourbon casks. It was crafted by a fourth-generation distiller, Robert Fleming.
Known as ‘the gentle dram’ Tomintoul 16yo is a Gold Medal winner at the International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC).

Appearance: Honey gold, thin swirl line and medium legs.

Nose: Sweet, fruity and malty, there’s hardly a hint of ethanol, unsurprisingly.
Crunchy Nut Cornflakes with red berries and red apples. Sugar topped porridge, fruit strudel and buttery notes.
Sugary-sweet baking aromas filling the nose, very friendly indeed.

Palate: Very light, watery almost. The malty and sweet elements are consistent with the nose.
There are the sugary, buttery notes and a touch of light spice tingle. There’s also a bitter grapefruit note at the back of the palate.
It’s like a diet whisky, too light for my tastes, but I guess it might work well as an entry whisky?
For a 16-year-old whisky, it’s lacking. It deserves a higher abv to (hopefully) boost the aromas and flavours, I’m not sure why it’s not higher, to be honest?

Finish: Short, light and one dimensional. Light baking spices, some semi-sweet red berry fruit and a touch of mint.

Overall: No thanks. Watered down and nothing going on to make you want more. 40%ABV? Why?

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