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Tomintoul Distillery was built in 1964. Our distillery uses traditional techniques that stretch back hundreds of years, to make our award-winning single malt, “the gentle dram”. The natural environment, fresh air and pure water all add to our uniquely smooth and mellow spirit.

Tomintoul whisky


A lovely syrupy thick swirl line, slow thick legs, and mid gold in colour.


We have a different nose again compared to the 10 and 16yr old bottling’s. Initially there’s pizza dough and well toasted bread, definitely a more cereal/malty start. There are cherries that bring a slight bourbon feel, and tropical fruits, which come through on all three bottling’s, i’m guessing they are part of the distillery’s aroma and flavour dna.

With more time a slight menthol note comes through, followed by pine cones, and a faint juniper aroma. Cereals and grains bring the nose to a close.


Again we have a decent mouthfeel here, and initially it’s quite sweet, stoned and tropical fruit sweetness from pineapples, mango’s apricots, and peaches, much like the palate of their 10yr old bottling.

As the palate develops it becomes spicier and warming, much like their 16yr old bottling. Black pepper, anise, black liquorice, and black coffee bring some lightly bitter notes, some tannins come through and cask char.


It’s all about spice here. It’s not a spice bomb but starts heading down that path. Grapefruits, and pomellos bring a little sharpness, they mix with cranberries, which bring a little drying. Dark chocolate, dates, and baking spices finish off the palate.

My thoughts

This is another really nice whisky from Tomintoul. It has aspects of their 10 and 16 yr old bottling’s, distillery dna aromas and flavours still come through so the balance is just right in my opinion.

The one big difference with this bottling is the finish, with this bottle it is definitely darker and heavier, slight bitterness comes through, and cask char is evident too which i rather liked, it’s a real nice end to the dram.

Would i buy a bottle?

Hear lies my dilemma, i do prefer the 16yr old over the 21yr old, and it’s not by much in all honesty, but the price difference is too much for me personally. The whisky is good, i liked it very much, and if i had the funds available i’d love to own one.

The situation of it this being 40% ABV reminds me of a certain well established Irish whiskey that i tried recently at 16yrs old and at 40% ABV, and it has bags of flavour and a good mouthfeel also, 40% ABV doesn’t always translate to thin and lacklustre whisky. I have to call it as it is and say i like the Tomintoul 10,16 and 21yr olds, and sadly they are overlooked.

Notes – This whisky has been chill filtered and does have colouring added.

Thanks to – @TomintoulWhisky and @scotch_voyager.

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