Torabhaig Cnoc Na Moine 46% ABV

Torabhaig Cnoc Na Moine

Part of Torabhaig’s Legacy Series, Cnoc Na Moine was inspired by the Isle of Skye’s rugged coastline, which the distillery overlooks. Matured in bourbon, oloroso and Pedro Ximenez casks, which is followed by waves of savoury barbecue smoke.

This bottling is the third chapter in the Legacy Series, the first of which; Legacy Series 2017, launched back in February 2021. Each release is said to capture a stage on the journey from inception and youth through to coming of age and full maturity – leading up to the launch of their 10-Year-Old release in 2028.

Appearance: Light copper/white wine with an orange tinge. A medium tide mark and semi-viscous film form. Many medium to thick trails form around the glass, creating a corrugated effect. A few small teardrops appear after a short while too.

Nose: A well-balanced ABV on the nose. Immediate sweet meaty BBQ smoke, caramelised steak and red wine. Honey, black pepper and a little blackberry jam. The smoke element becomes a little more ash-like as the dram matures, there’s a hint of citrus/lemonade now too. Quite a concentrated ‘fruit reduction’ element where the blackberries and a little strawberry are concerned.

Palate: A semi-viscous mouthfeel and lovely gentle sweet smoke element again, like the nose, meaty and a little ashy. A subtle white pepper tingle and the richer deeper dark fruits come through, blackberry again as well as plum. The flavour profile is very pleasing, nicely balanced flavours and all lovely in their own right. The citrus and fruit reduction are also consistent, I’m really enjoying their ever-increasing sweetness. A touch of pipe tobacco and leather appears towards and into the finish. Blackberry cough sweets make an appearance really late on in the dram.

Finish: Medium in length. That faint tobacco, citrus, blackberry reduction and smoke all linger for a decent length of time. The fruits almost drown out the meat element from the nose and palate, but it manages to hang on into the finish.

Overall: A banger in my opinion. A really well put together, harmonious and interesting whisky. Love it

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