Torabhaig Allt Gleann 46% ABV

Torabhaig Allt Gleann

The second release in Torabhaig’s Legacy series single malt, Allt Gleann is a smoky whisky made with a small parcel of casks from 2017 and 2018, each filled with heavily-peated whisky. 

Appearance: Very light gold/white wine spritzer. A thin beaded swirl line quickly appears along with many small teardrops, which form an upside-down crown and faint medium trails. The film isn’t particularly thick but does appear sticky.

Nose: Quite gentle on the ABV. Subtle sweet smoke, vanilla, brown sugar and black pepper first. White chocolate, faint orchard fruits and confectionary sugar follow. There’s an arable element: cereals and oats, along with a little sugar-dusted red apple. Some salinity (possibly salted nuts) as the dram matures, again, adding more interest and flavour layers. Every time I take a sniff, there’s something new with this one, now I’m getting bubble gum!?

Palate: Nice semi-oily mouthfeel. A little smoke, citrus and honey. That cereal element follows through from the nose, now honeyed, along with some gentle pepper and a little drying. Some white grape, a metallic element and fresh lemon juice.

Finish: Short in length. The metallic element, honey and smoked lemon last for a short while before fading. It’s a little drying in the finish too.

Overall: A solid dram with plenty going on. The aromas and flavours all work well together.

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