Torabhaig Distillery Reserve 2023

torabhaig distillery

Appearance: Summer honey/light gold. A thin beaded tide mark appears along with some droplets and small teardrops. A fairly viscous film with several medium to thick trails cling to the inside of the glass.

Nose: A decent hit of ethanol. Roasted salted nuts (possibly spiced nuts), chocolate, damp leaf litter and bark and a sweeter note of toffee and caramel. Berry fruitiness appears after a short while, with some honey nut cornflakes and milk.

Palate: Sweet honey, cereals, vanilla and subtle black pepper. It’s a lovely gentle and harmonious palate. Some zingy citrus but restrained and controlled, along with a little lime-encrusted dark chocolate and slight drying. Some pickle juice and smoke appears later on, along with ever-growing spice: aniseed and lemon pepper.

Finish: Long. Smokey lemons and pickle juice at first. Some meaty elements appear but fade just as quickly.

Overall: A quintessential distillery release. Big, bold and unapologetic. Lots going on, mostly good, some odd, but that’s the point I guess, it’s a bit more ‘raw’ than a polished retail release! I really like this!

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