TWB 4 Year Old 2017 15th Anniversary #3 61.1% ABV


Glasgow 4-Year-Old 2017 vintage Lowland single malt Scotch whisky. Matured in a first fill Sherry Butt #TWB1029. Just 299 numbered bottles.

Appearance: Slightly diluted Tizer. Quite a messy and chaotic swirl line and film, the top half of which is many tiny droplets, spatters and beads. Many medium trails form in the glass’s lower half, among the thick film.

Nose: An apparent heady wave from the high ABV. Body Christmas cake with nuts and glacier cherries. An open fireplace which has recently died to ashes.
Some struck match sulphur appears early on too, not off-putting in this dram, at least on the nose.

Palate: A big hit of ethanol tingles in the mouth and warms the chest and throat instantly.
Society in the palate than the nose suggested. There are also dark chocolate-coated coffee beans, honey and vanilla.
The Christmas cake note is consistent throughout the dram.

Finish: Medium to long. Christmas cake, struck match and honey all last a decent length of time. By the finish, the other notes are all lightly coated in a creamy mellow layer.

Overall: Really nice. It’s a big dram and bold flavour profile, but all the right flavours are there and well balanced.

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