Untold Riches, 28Yr old Bunnahabhain, 49.1% ABV, Wemyss malts. (The WhiskeyChaps Pop Up Tasting).

untold riches 2

To create this malty-sweet Islay whisky, our blenders carefully selected 31 hogshead and sherry butt casks from several parcels of decades old, unpeated Bunnahabhain to blend into a single malt with a depth of untold riches.

Wemyss Whisky

Appearance – This whisky is between dark gold and tarnished copper in colour, it beads up a little on the swirl line, and eventually drops medium legs.

Nose – There’s lots going on here, initially I’m getting lemon sherbets, sweet cocktail cherries, an orange citrus note, flapjack, I’m gonna add to these notes as there’s plenty more yet. With some time it’s develops into stewed darker fruits, figs, liquorice, sultanas, dark chocolate, wood varnish, and yet a sweetness continues to come through, cream soda. There’s also an oiliness coming through, and tropical fruits.

Palate – Super mouthfeel, and I’m getting lager shandy, cream soda, cigar leaves, chilli’s, cinnamon, vanilla, liquorice, anise, tropical fruits, cherry flapjack. As time goes by it does sweeten up, more tropical and stoned fruits now, the spice certainly doesn’t disappear, it’s still there but just takes a back seat for a while, with white pepper and a sweeter ginger.

Finish – Long, very long tbh, the spice hangs there, and it’s like a chilli/orange/chocolate biscuit, it’s really is very nice. I get a touch of sweet lemon, oiliness on the lips, a touch of salinity too, it does last so well. It’s gorgeous tbh. I didn’t add ginger to my finish notes, and i have now as it reminds me of a ginger biscuit I tried whilst in the Lake District last, it was very nice then, and great to get the taste sensation again this evening.

My thoughts – Quite simply it’s a belter in my opinion, from start to finish it develops so nicely, there’s plenty of flavours through the whole experience, I can see why this bottle is so highly regarded.

Would i buy a bottle? – If i had the funds i would definitely buy a bottle, it is a belter in my humble opinion.

Thanks to – @whiskeychap and @jenkaloid (Twitter).

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