VIT HUND, (Mackmyra distillery), 46.1% ABV

VIT HUND, (Mackmyra distillery), 46.1% ABV

Barley – Tipple. Yeast – Kronjast

Nose – The spirit at this ABV is sweeter than the higher ABV I’ve tried previously, Strawberries, Red berries, Red currents, icing sugar sweetness, and definitely a bbq sauce thing going on. There are also plum notes, but these were stronger in the higher ABV version.

Palate – So much red fruit, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Fig, Raisins, slightly drying, Icing sugar sweetness.

Finish – Long, sweetness runs through, and so much red fruit, it makes me salivate.

My thoughts – This spirit has been reduced to this strength to make it more palatable, and to be drunk as is, it has so much more flavour at this lower ABV, and is very enjoyable, and well worth trying.

Thanks to – @MckWhisky (Tw), Brand ambassador from Mackmyra for joining us on this New make tasting session, very much appreciated.

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