Waitrose No.1 8 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky 40% ABV

waitrose 8yo Blended whisky

“a blend of distinctive Island malt whiskies combined characteristically mellow malts of Speyside, all balanced with soft grain and matured in oak casks for a minimum of eight years.”


Appearance: A pleasing honey amber. An erratic teardrop studded oily film forms quickly on the glass with many short medium/thick legs.

Nose: Sweet icing sugar, soft and equally sweet BBQ smoke, smoked meats and blackberries. There is a very pleasant fruit jam quality to the nose, it’s actually quite rich and full-bodied (for 40%). It’s a very friendly nose indeed, which I’m pleasantly surprised by.

Palate: A thin mouthfeel. Slightly diluted notes of Christmas spice and confectionary sugar. The spice builds more than the sweetness as the dram progresses. There’s a comforting warmth on the chest.

Finish: Short in length. Fading sweet spice, some smoke and a tiny trace of the sweetness. The dilution element is very obvious in the finish.

Overall: It was £20 and that’s probably about right. There’s 0 complexity and little going on after the initial 2 seconds on the senses. That said it’s inoffensive and would probably make an ok mixer.

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