Waxhouse Whisky Co Release 005 54.2% ABV

waxhouse 005

Bottle Notes

  • Age: 10 Years
  • Filled: 04.2011
  • Bottled: 09.2021
  • Single Cask, 1 of 330
  • 54.2% vol.
  • 70cl
  • Non-chill filtered
  • Natural colour

A 10 year old Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Distilled at the Glen Elgin distillery in ex-bourbon Hogsheads.

Appearance: Very light. White wine. Hairline beaded tide mark. A thin semi-oily corrugated film forms on the glass. Alow-forming short thick legs and tear.

Nose: A decent hit of ABV. Light, fresh and zesty. Some more buttery baking notes too. On the third nose, there are confectionary sugars, soap and red apple skin.
Apple pie and custard spring to mind.

Palate: Oof, big spicy chilli heat tingles on the tongue and roof of the mouth.
Behind that is red apple in custard but the spice is a tad overly domineering.
There’s a limonchello note too, adding a bitterness.
After some sips, a more milky rice pudding/milk biscuits note underpins the much more full-on heat and lemon bitterness. I can see that this would grow on you given half a chance.

Finish: medium in length. The chilli heat lingers longest. There is a sweetness, but it can’t stand up to the spicy onslaught.

Overall: It’s a bit too spicy (chilli) for me. I don’t mind spiciness but this one is a bit too much on that side for me. That said it’s by no means a bad whisky, just not to my taste. If you like a proper spice bomb then you’ll dig this.

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